MEMBERS ONLY Exhibition Opportunity

The City of Albany Town Hall Auditorium has been made available for a multi-disciplinary 20th Anniversary Art Trail exhibition. Open for the full 16 days of the 2023 Art Trail, it offers exhibitors access to around 2,000 visitors.

NB          Open Sundays yet to be confirmed by City of Albany.

The Vision

  • To present a variety of art and craft exhibitions within the one area (Auditorium) to celebrate the 20th SACT anniversary
  • To present this variety in a cohesive and well curated way
  • To create a ‘Gallery’ space, not a ‘Markets’ space.

The Theme and Requirements

A 20 Vision

To create the theme and present a coordinated exhibition artists are encouraged to (BUT NOT OBLIGED TO) embrace the ‘20’ somewhere as part of their pieces, e.g. the number 20 might appear on a painting of a building, or boat, or letterbox, or fabric image. It could be imbedded in a sculpture or have 20 beads in a necklace on a sculpture.

Viewers would be encouraged to discover the ‘20’ hidden in the artworks. Apart from creating a sense of intrigue and enquiry, it will engage the potential buyer in closer inspection and increased appreciation of the item.

Fees and Benefits

Your Art Trail entry fees, entry conditions and benefits i.e. ArtTrail Booklet listings are as detailed on the ArtTrail Application form.

There is an additional fee of $75.00 (around $4.50 per day) to take part in this Exhibition. An invoice will be issued for this.  

Applying to be considered

As this exhibition has the capacity to take only 9 applicants in total, you will need to submit this form as a separate application via email to You will be notified of the success of your application enabling you to then complete your Art Trail application form online.

Exhibition Applications

Nine spaces are available – 6 for 2D and 3 for 3D

  • 2D spaces

    • each allows for approximately 12 artworks to be hung (@50cm to 100cm wide)
    • approximate floor area is 2 sq metres but hanging space is 8-9 metres of wall space
    • free standing walls, hanging devices and lighting provided
    • will require an exhibition name poster (dimensions to be advised)
  • 3D spaces

    • are 2 sq metres and can be walked around
    • some plinths are available
    • some tables will be provided
    • will require an exhibition name poster
    • will require table coverings (colour to be advised)
    • recommended that table covers go to the floor on all sides. (Storage and visual appeal).

Hanging and Arranging your Display

  • One full day will be given for bump in and bump out. No out of hours access. Exact dates to be advised.
  • You are advised to inspect the Auditorium as part of your planning. A floor plan will be provided.
  • Hanging rails are on outer walls and mobile walls will be supplied. Hanging method to be advised.
  • Some tables for 3D will be supplied but you might wish to supplement these. Some plinths available.

Manning your Exhibition

You / your group will be responsible for manning and selling artworks. If you are not able to attend for the whole 16 days, you may make private arrangements with other exhibitors to handle your work sales for you. We encourage applicants for this unique combined exhibition to consider how they will man it.


A space will be provided in one common area. Own wrappings and materials will need to be provided.

Release of works to Buyers

  • It is recommended that exhibitors give buyers their works at time of purchase and replace as required
  • It is recommended that credit cards are used and a float is also kept for buyers with cash
  • A variety of receipt types should be offered.

Self promotion

  • Exhibition name banner to be created and placed in the exhibition space
  • Business cards and handouts
  • Catalogue of works.