Art South WA Members

The Members of ArtSouthWA showcase a broad range of artworks. These range from photography, painting and printmaking, to felting, jewellery, woodwork and more. They are located in and around the Southern region of Western Australia. Our members are individual Artists, Studios, Commercial operators, Associations and Galleries.

ArtSouthWA Members

The Benefits of ArtSouthWA Membership

Throughout the year we promote our members through the listing in our directory on this website. We utilise Facebook, Instagram and our E-Newsletter to keep you up to date with ArtSouthWA happenings and opportunities. As a member you will have access to our Facebook pages – ArtSouthWA and the Southern Art & Craft Trail to keep informed of our activities and the activities of other relevant organisations. As a Member you are able to promote your exhibitions, workshops and opportunities. Just create and share your Facebook post with us.  During the Southern Art and Craft Trail you will also be able to bring more attention to your business and arts practice by utilising our hashtag #southernartcrafttrail.

Or you can follow us on Instagram.

We also run professional skill development activities and workshops. Constant networking with other similar organisations means we are able to inform our Members of regional events and opportunities of interest too.

As ArtSouthWA grows in strength and stature, our members benefit from the exposure that the organisation receives. Members are able to cite their ArtSouthWA membership not only in their own promotions but as part of grant and funding applications. This gives them extra recognition of their commitment to the arts and/or their arts practice.

Our biggest promotion and support of members is through The Southern Art and Craft Trail. This 2 week event is held annually. This event promotes multiple venues throughout the region. These include studios, galleries, cafes, wineries and many others. The Art Trail venues host these varied exhibitions of our most talented artists and craftspersons within the region.

The 2024 Southern Art and Craft Trail is on from Saturday 21st September – Sunday 6th October.

Becoming a Member

ArtSouthWA welcome new members at any time throughout the year. Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December. You can complete a fully automated Membership Form here that has payment options attached. Becoming a Member means we will always be in contact with you with opportunities to develop both yourself and your commercial operation. Contact Us for more information.