Planning your Visit

Step One: What type of art interests you?

Have a look through the Trail booklet and see the wide variety on offer. Use the booklet map and Google maps to find the best way to take them all in.

Step Two: Plan your trip

Because the Art Trail covers such a large area you are going to want to dedicate more than one day! You could select a route that takes you to a variety of wineries, and combine your love of trying new wines. You could choose a route that takes you through some beautiful country side and indulge your love of the great outdoors. Or you could plan to visit towns filled with history, food and accommodation – and put your feet up!

Notice in the Trail Booklet that not all venues are open at all times. Check the days and times to make sure you are not disappointed.

Another alternative is to connect with Busy Blue Bus Tours Albany. They organise day trips during the Art Trail to take you on a wonderful excursion containing art, food and wine combined.

Step Three

Determine how many you would like to fit into a day. 5 to 7 exhibitions is good to aim for, giving you time to chat, buy, refresh and drive.

Plan Your Visit

Some other considerations…

  • Be respectful of the Studios, Homes, Galleries and Exhibitions that you will visit.
  • Connect with the Artists and assist them by completing any surveys or Guest Books they may point you to.
  • Always supervise your children while you visit.
  • Contact the Artist or Exhibition space managers first if you would like to bring a dog onto their property.
  • Take a moment to read any notices, warnings, OHS signs that will be on the premises.

Having a Conversation with the Artists

Artists love to chat about their work, and understand that you will benefit greatly by knowing more about their meaning, process and motivation. So feel free to approach them, ask questions, and become part of the whole artistic process.

Here’s some questions that will get you started…

  1. How did you make this piece?
  2. Where did the inspiration or ideas come from?
  3. Does it have meanings other than what I first see?
  4. Are you self-taught or have you had some training?
  5. Do you do commissions?