How to Become a Member

Important Note for Art Trail Participants

If you intend to enter the Art Trail then your membership application needs to match your Art Trail entry i.e. you will need a Gallery membership if you want your Gallery listed in the Art Trail. An Individual member can mount a solo exhibition as well as be part of a group. This requires 2 separate Trail Application forms and fees – one as an Individual for your own solo exhibition,  and one from your group for their exhibition. An Individual membership cannot cover the entry of a Gallery / Group or Organisation into the Art Trail.

You CAN apply to be both an Individual member (so that you have access to all benefits), and be part of, or the contact person for a Group/Gallery/Organisation application. This requires 2 separate Membership applications and fees.

Benefits of ArtSouthWA membership

Individual, Group and Association membership, all receive the benefits listed below.

  • Ability to enter the Southern Art and Craft Trail. To enter the Art Trail you will need to complete this Membership form below first and pay at the end. Then proceed to Southern Art Craft Trail / Entry Forms to complete your entry.
  • Exposure for 12 months of the year on the ASWA website that ranks on the first page of Google for following keywords: Albany Art, Albany Artists, Albany Art Galleries, Artists South West WA, Art Associations South West WA, Art Southern Region, Artists Southern Region, Art Galleries Southern Region, Art Associations Southern Region and more.
  • The ASWA website received 14,000 visits over the Art Trail, and many more throughout the year. You can tag our FB page ArtSouth WA & the Southern Art & Craft Trail when you are having an exhibition, running a workshop or are part of a special public event.
  • Discounts to our Art Education series of workshops run throughout the year.
  • ASWA will represent you as a visual artist in relevant discussions with private, local and statewide bodies where decisions affecting the visual arts are being made.
  • You are able to vote at the AGM on all ArtSouthWA decisions that affect the running of the association.
  • You are able to put your ideas forward to the committee for discussion at any time during your membership.
  • Monthly newsletter.

Membership Fees

Membership runs from 1st January 2024 to 31st December 2024. The 2024 Membership year fees are:

  • Individual membership for the year is $81.00
  • Gallery/Retail membership (from 1-10 exhibiting artists) for the year is $152.40
  • Gallery/Retail membership (from 11 – 20 exhibiting artists) for the year is $236.40
  • Organisation/Group membership (2-10 members) for the year is $150
  • Organisation/Group membership (11-20+ members) for the year is $234

Membership Application

This system is not enabled to ‘save a draft’, however, check your web browser as many will auto-save the information you have entered.

Any Questions?

Please Contact Us for any further information you require.