My background is farming and teaching… I ran an Assessment Unit in UK for several years, before migrating here to develop and run the family farm business whilst rearing 3 children. I have always had to make my own way, and been quite entrepreneurial – but not, I hope, bossy! – more facilitator and coordinator. I like to plan, to help organise, and to see things through.

Retiring from full-time work, I studied art at TAFE, then through Open University. I’m now focused on developing my career as a painter (watercolours and oils). I also volunteer: currently Chairing Albany Art Group (100+ members) and running CWA retirement village.

I have two reasons for supporting ArtSouth…

1/ Art Trail itself is a very worthwhile event.

2/ ArtSouth could potentially become a unifying force… a powerful overarching body representing the needs of our diverse local artistic community.

You can find out more about me at my website HERE