The annual Southern Art and Craft Trail is a much anticipated event on the region’s cultural calendar.
The dates for the 2024 Southern Art and Craft Trail are 21 September – 6 October.

The Albany Town Hall auditorium and the Vancouver Arts Centre are popular venues for hire for the Southern Art and Craft Trail. As a way of ensuring that the hire of these spaces are equitably shared with all members of the art community, we are putting together a callout for applications for the following exhibition spaces:

Albany Town Hall Auditorium
Vancouver Arts Centre – main gallery, front gallery, small gallery and small and large meeting room spaces.

The venue hire will not be provided free of charge, and will need to be paid for as per normal practice. Please contact the arts@albany.wa.gov.au for information on gallery booking fees. To be successful in securing a space during the art trail, the artist or group will also be required to fulfill all ArtSouthWA 2024 Southern Art and Craft Trail application Terms and Conditions when registrations open in February 2024.
As the main gallery in the Vancouver Arts Centre is highly sought after during the Art Trail period, and to be equitable to the community, in this callout we will be giving first preference to a group that hasn’t exhibited in the main gallery during the Art Trail in the previous year.

The available space in the Town Hall auditorium main floor space is approximately 144m square.
The available spaces at the VAC are:
• Main Gallery – 7.9m x 11.6m
• Front Gallery – 4.8m x 4.9m
• Small Gallery – 4.7m x 4m
• Small Meeting room – 4.8m x 4m
• Large meeting room – 11.4m x 7.8m


Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:
• Artistic excellence – the extent to which the artist’s work is recognised as of a high calibre and is well considered and succinct in concept. (30%)
• Originality – the extent to which the exhibition proposal is unique and innovative. (30%)
• Timeliness – how the proposal enhances the planned exhibition schedule. (20%)
• Value and interest to the local community – how the proposal is captivating for disinclined audiences, responsive to local themes or social issues, uniquely Great Southern. (10%)
• Public / Education program – or audience development initiatives. (10%)


Applicants are required to provide the following:
• A completed COVER SHEET application form
• A well formulated EXHIBITION SYNOPSIS
• A current CURRICULUM VITAE which includes your art practice (previous group exhibitions, community projects, etc)
• Documentation of your artwork (at least 3 jpg IMAGES 2MB maximum) with an accompanying image list
• If you are submitting an application as a group, please provide a list of the artist names.

All applications should be submitted to the Arts & Culture Team at arts@albany.wa.gov.au by 11.59pm on Wednesday 10 January 2024
If you do not receive an email confirmation as acceptance of your application within five working days, please contact the Arts & Culture team on 6820 3740.
Three Arts industry professionals will be involved in the selection process.

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